I’m a former Pro Basketball player, WWE Superstar, and Celebrity trainer. But before all of my physical successes I was a 320 pound 15 year old who was terrified to even take his shirt off because I was self conscious of how I looked. Even though I played hours of basketball everyday, I was still overweight because of my bad eating habits. As they say, you can’t outwork a bad diet! That’s when I started to learn about nutrition, but I still wanted to enjoy my favorite foods. So I “MADAFIED” my favorite foods to fit a healthier lifestyle. I found a way to decrease calories, carbs and fat all while focusing on whole natural foods... all while maintaining amazing taste! And that’s when MADAFIED EATS was born.

My lifestyle changes changed all aspects of my life, improved my confidence and made me a healthier person. After seeing just how much food affected my entire life, I want nothing more than to spread my knowledge and be able to show people that you can live a healthy lifestyle all while enjoying your favorite foods. I want to motivate others to eat better, to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, and most of all I want to show people that it’s ok to say “I’m Doing ME”. Don’t let society or peer pressure dictate how you live your life. Eat right, workout, get your sleep, avoid stress! Do what’s best for you, and start doing ME!
MADAFIED EATS (ME) is a Meal Prep company that delivers locally in the Los Angeles area! ME provides fresh meals, snacks, and many other delicious treats all developed by Mada and our team of chefs and nutritionists. We offer all your favorite dishes “MADAFIED” - in a healthier and lower calorie way! At ME we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste to live a healthy lifestyle! Our meals are fully cooked, so all you need to do is reheat and enjoy! No more worrying about what to eat. No more shopping, chopping, or cleaning... No more artificial ingredients, processed oils, chemical/preservatives, or added sugar! Just good tasting food, that’s good for you!